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Crazy Crayons Coloring


★★★★★ Crazy Crayons Coloring™ by Studios ★★★★★Say good bye to messy, melted or lost crayons. This Crazy Crayons Coloring app will provide children of all ages with clean, organized fun for hours at a time. Encourage your child's artistic abilities through coloring and promote hand-eye coordination with this fun coloring app. With an abundance of colors to select from your child is bound to create an original masterpiece. Save drawings to your device and create their very own album of artwork.
Join the fun with the Crazy Crayons! With more than 115 new coloring pages and more than 150 Crazy Crayons to choose from this children's app is made for fun!
FEATURES:★ 115+ Fun easy to color coloring pages★ Free Ad-supported version.★ Language: US English★ Age Level: 1+★ Title: Crazy Crayons Coloring™★ Copyright 2012, Inc.